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PO Box 863 : Mars Hill NC 28754

Phone: 828-380-0807
Email: fbcautogroup@gmail.com

About Us

Do you like going to a new or used dealership and they have the car you want but it is in that funky green or that eggplant purple! They keep talking about what a great deal you will get if you take this one? I really dislike that aspect of the car business! What about when you drive on the lot and then no one seems to care that you are even there? Or what gets really scary is when--EVERYONE knows you're there! What's up with that?

We're convinced there is a better way for you to shop for your next car or truck. Do you know what you want and the color your prefer? We will find it, send you all specifications with pictures, price it, and then when we are all satisfied that this is "the One", we will bring in the vehicle for your test drive and final approval to purchase.

No, we don't keep inventory on the ground and we aren't interested in talking you into buying a specific car or truck but we are extremely dedicated to helping you buy what you want without hassles, surprises, or pressure to do anything other than what you want to do! Oh wait, we do expect you to be surprised at how easy it is to buy a car or truck from FBC Auto Group.

Call or text us at 828-380-0807 or go to our Contact Form to the right or the Contact Us tab up top and click on the Finder Form in the drop down box. Fill in the information, send it back to us, and that starts the process. We will report back and keep you updated on our progress until we find your next car or truck.

Because we don't keep a lot full of inventory in a high traffic or high rent location our vehicles are more affordable than traditional dealerships! Give us a try and see where this goes....I think you're going to like it!

Contact Info

Address: PO Box 863 : Mars Hill, NC 28754
Phone: (828) 380-0807
Email: fbcautogroup@gmail.com